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KitBit Vela is a Third Person Action Adventure Game. You play as a 17 year old amateur bounty hunter named Vela, and her robot jetpack cat KitBit.

The main goal of the game is to retrieve rare crystals that have been stolen from a generator that powers a hospital. To do this you will have to travel across various planets and hunt down those crystals.

16 Unique Weapons:

Azimuth has all sorts of things, Net Guns, Mine Guns, Quad Cannons, Freezing Weapons, Slime Weapons, Rocket Launchers. All things he will give you for the right price.

Up-gradable Weapons:

Each weapon has it's own upgrade tree to improve things like it's firing speed and ammo capacity.

3rd Person Shooting and Platforming:

Each You will be facing a variety of challenges in your journey, from small enemies you can subdue with a net, Larger enemies who can take more punishment and even enemies that teleport. When you're not fighting enemies you will be jumping across bottomless pits and around obstacles, just be sure not to fall!

Strange Planets:

Be ready to see some strange places, A creepy planet with red skies and white trees, A planet where nothing has color, and even a planet where the the floors form beneath your feet. Who knows what you may encounter.

New Game Plus:

If you need even more action you can go on to New Game Plus, where there is double the amount of enemies, Which means double the amount of explosions.


Buy Now$1.95 USD or more

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